What if shuffleboard and pinball had a baby… who loved slingshots?

Easy to Learn

Easy to Learn

Your kids will get it in 2 minutes.

Might take you 3.

Delightfully Tactile

Delightfully Tactile

Bells will be ringing.

Pucks will be slinging.

Bring it Anywhere

Bring it Anywhere

The board folds

into a suitcase-ish box.

Made in Oakland

Handmade in a backyard in Oakland,
backed by a Lifetime Guarantee.

Wow, you’re still reading. Bit of a game nerd? Okay...

Here are the Rules:

Each player has 4 End Zones, protected by 4 Dingalings.

You win when all 4 of your opponent’s End Zones have no Dingaling.

End Zones and Dingalings

Flip the Puck to determine who shoots first.

By placing your index finger on the Puck Hole and pulling back, take turns slinging the Puck at each other’s End Zones.

Index finger on Puck Hole

You may change the Sling Angle before each shot you take, but you must leave the Sling as it is after your turn.

Sling Angle

If any color of the End Zone is visible through the Puck Hole, and that End Zone is protected by a Dingaling, you take that Dingaling.

When you take a Dingaling from an opponent’s End Zone, you get to shoot again.

Color visible through the puck hole

When you take a Dingaling, you can place it on any Dingaling Dot or any of your unprotected End Zones.

When you knock down a Dingaling from a Dingaling Dot, you can move that Dingaling, but it doesn’t grant you another shot.

Dingaling Dot

We're not quite ready for primetime, but if you're convinced...

Join the waiting list (and we'll sling a Puck your way).